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    Personal Coaching for the "Renaissance Entrepreneur"

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    Personal Coaching for the "Renaissance Entrepreneur"

What is a "Renaissance Entrepreneur?"

  • You love learning.
  • You have a significant amount of O or I on the BOSI DNA Assessment
  • You are sometimes bombarded with great creative ideas – the vast majority of which you know you will never possess the bandwidth to pursue.
  • You are “hot” and “cold” in being productive, and you tend to beat yourself up when you’re on a cold streak.
  • The idea of doing one thing your entire life sounds like a life sentence in a very small jail cell.
  • You’re great at strategy and vision, but the implementation and execution can be “heavy” for you.
  • Few things are as exciting as a new idea.
  • People ask you how you’ve created the life you have, yet you don’t see it as a big deal.
  • You get bored when doing the same thing repetitively.

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