Don’t Fear Fear

In my blog post awhile back, “20 Ways to Ruin Your Life,” I really messed up.  I missed the big one.  The one thing that will crack the foundation of your well-being to make sure your life will be a total failure:  Fear.  Be afraid.  Be very afraid.

Latin American curanderos (folk healers) classify susto (fear or fright) as a destabilization or temporary loss of your soul. Symptoms can include insomnia, nausea, fatigue, lack of appetite or lack of interest in personal hygiene.  They don’t distinguish between physical illness and illness of the soul.  Does this sound familiar?  In Western medicine, this could be classified a disorder associated with stress and/or some type of depression.   


So what is happening physiologically when we are stressed or afraid?  Stress hormones kick in–chemicals designed to give us a quick “turbo boost” (remember David Hasselhoff in Knight Rider?) to escape danger.  But if you’re living in turbo boost mode all the time, these chemicals are seriously detrimental to your health, causing high-blood pressure, reduced immunity, irregularities in your sex hormones and reproductive systems, digestive problems, and not to mention leaving you exhausted most of the time.

Read about some ways to reduce these here.

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