How does this thing work?

We have a conversation once a week for about an hour. Part of my service is unlimited e-mailing. If something is unclear from a previous session or you want to report a “win” that only your coach will understand, write anytime 24-7. I will answer within 24 hours Monday through Friday. Additionally, expect some “homework” assignments between sessions which are either written or involve taking action.

Isn’t coaching a bunch of New Agey artsy fartsy nonsense?

There are many schools of thought in regards to coaching and many coaches with different styles. My style is direct, logical and to the point. That being said, nearly all of my free time is dedicated to finding techniques that work. If a concept from Buddhism, Positive Psychology, the Tao Te Ching or some other area of study or world philosophy is effective, we’re going to try it out and see if it works for you.

Am I going to have to talk about my emotions?

Logically, you know that you are physically capable of achieving a lot. Where do you think that “heaviness” comes from? You’re hitting an emotional limitation. Yes, we’re going to talk about your emotions. Are we going to have a good cry together? Probably not, but the stories you’re telling yourself about your current situation are triggering your emotions and holding you back. We will undo those.

What if it doesn’t work?

Our free initial consultation together isn’t me trying to get you as a client. It’s mostly seeing whether you are coachable, and whether we’re a good fit for working together. If you are coachable, we’re going to get results. How quickly that happens depends mostly on what you’re willing to let go of. The coaching conversation can get very uncomfortable, but the magic doesn’t happen inside your comfort zone. This is why you hired me. If things don’t work, I have a 100% money-back guarantee as long as you put everything into action that we decided upon. No one has ever taken me up on this, but it’s there all the same.