3 Ways to Practice Personal Development While Commuting

Seriously? Get my zen while sitting in traffic? Yes! As a native Houstonian, I know it is possible. Here’s 3 known ways to more happiness that you can practice while on your morning or afternoon commute.

  1. Be present. You are exactly where you are supposed to be. Worrying about being late isn’t going to get you there any faster, and it will only create more stress if you don’t accept where you are right now. Behind a Suburban. Stuck in traffic. Where else could you possibly be?
  2. Empathy. When you see someone distracted who cut you off, there are two ways to react: one involves gestures or yelling that you would rather not relay to your mother, and the other is to stop and think, “Yeah, I’ve done that before.” The second one is much more relaxing. Try it out.
  3. Compassion. That old lady who’s had her blinker on forever who no one is letting change lanes? Let her in. Be cautious and drive safely, and don’t forget there are small ways to help others in a positive way everywhere we look. It probably won’t matter much if you get to where you’re going 5 or 10 seconds earlier. You’ll feel better, and so will she.

What are some things you would like to change about your behavior while stuck in traffic?


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