Clint C., Real Estate CEO

      Client Testimonial

TRANSCRIPT:  I started working with Paul soon after taking on a new consulting project. I own my own business with multiple employees and I had another business that was online that had its own thing going. And then I took on a consulting contract, and it started to be a lot and I found that I couldn’t actually talk to employees about this other project going on, and I also found that I with some friends about business ideas, etc. – you have those people you talk to, which is great, but I needed something more. There’s the personal stuff that came with it all, the stress and the burden was weighing on me.

When I found Paul, I had had preliminary talks with a few other people in the same industry, and just wasn’t impressed, honestly. Some of them were a little too one way or the other for me. In talking with Paul, in the first few minutes, very clearly he understood the pressure – his business experience and his business input in a lot of different industries, he’s able to weigh-in as well as the personal. So, I’m able to go both sides of the road; I’ll have talks with him where we’ll talk about an acquisition I’m doing or something like that, and as anyone who owns a business knows, the line between personal and business is very thin, if there even is one. The business starts to look like you, and when I became over-worked and over-stressed, and was taking care of my stresses in unhealthy ways and not taking care of myself, it showed in my business, in personal relationships, in my family, kids, and everything else.

He just lightened the load; cleaned out the junk. Very very effective. Paul is able to ask you the questions that put your right on the solutions, and moved my relationships forward, my business forward, my family forward, more than I can even explain in all categories of life.

I highly, highly recommend Paul for business owners, for busy professionals, and honestly for anyone who’s really struggling. It really put me in the next level, and I’ve never been the kind of person that thought I would need a coach or counselor of sorts, and I don’t really tell anyone I use one, actually, but ….amazing! Amazing, amazing results. Just, one of the best things I’ve ever done – life changing awesomeness. I’m incredibly grateful. I’m always going to be incredibly grateful for the progress I’ve made working with Paul. Thanks.

About Paul Strobl Paul Strobl, MBA, CPC

Paul Strobl, CPC, is a Master Life Coach and mentor for new coaches launching their practices. Originally from Houston, Texas, he has been location independent for over a decade. He currently resides in Plovdiv, Bulgaria with his wife, 7-year-old stepson and his rescue dog from Argentina.

Clint C., Real Estate CEO