“Life, business and relationships have all improved thanks to Paul”

“Paul understands and connects on a level much deeper than anyone I have talked with. He has tools and techniques that unlock complexities in minutes. I owe a lot of the positive flow in my life to the work I have done with Paul.”

C. Collins, Idaho, USA

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“Two years after a devastating divorce I was still stuck in the same belief systems and behaviors that weren’t working. Coming across Paul’s website in the wee small and lonely hours of the morning was the best thing that happened to me in a long time. Paul is insightful, thought-provoking, easy-going, and funny. He helped me cut through the nonsense of the old patterns and begin to see life as something wonderful, hopeful, and joyful. I will be forever grateful. I simply can’t say it too loudly or too often: Paul’s coaching sessions are invaluable; they will change your life.”

Laura W., Houston, TX

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“Gave me a whole new perspective”

“Paul has a great knack for listening and understanding what you want from his coaching. He then brings you a new way to look at the issues you want to work on. One month working with Paul, gave me a whole new perspective of how I see myself in relationship to others at both a personal and professional level and the results are there to see. Thank you Paul.”

Rajan Srinivasan

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“I felt supported, validated and understood”

“Paul’s contribution to more effectively manage my life and work was immense. He provided ‘real-time’, valuable advice that was easy to integrate. More than that, I felt supported, validated and understood, which allowed me to gain the perspective I needed to move forward and make real progress towards my goals. Thank you Paul!”

Barbara Lewis, USA

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“Thought-provoking and productive”

“If you are considering working with a life coach, I highly recommend taking the leap and contacting Paul.  Working with Paul has been very helpful and enlightening.  He is very easy to talk to, he is knowledgeable in many subjects, particularly this field of work.  Paul offered positive suggestions that I found to be very helpful.  Paul is excellent at seeing many facets of situations and communicating these thoughts back in a way that i found to be thought provoking and productive.”

Robin N., Houston, TX, USA



“Helped me prioritize my goals and desires”

“Paul was my Life Coach back in 2012, right after I had been laid-off. I was ready to leave that job, but I was somewhat lost about my career direction and my personal life in general. Paul helped me prioritize my goals and desires. I was able to move back to Houston and become a realtor. I got married shortly thereafter. I highly recommend Paul as a Life Coach.”

Silvina Raña, Buenos Aires, Argentina



“Paul is your guy”

“Paul is a really great guy and I love speaking with him. it doesn’t matter where he is in this world he is always somewhere where there is a phone and he is just a call away. If you are looking for guidance then Paul is your guy! Don’t forget to ask him about his hidden talent too…heheheh :)”

Kami K., Houston, TX, USA



“I feel more confident”

“I began the experience of life-coaching expecting concrete answers to specific questions. And I didn’t exactly get those answers. BUT in a “teach a man to fish” sense, I did learn some very handy tools to help me approach these (and any future questions) more strategically. Our conversations helped me to adjust the lens through which I see myself and the world around me. So even though I may find myself with my same (or even more!) questions, I feel more confident about my ability to work with them, through them or even love them.”

Jennie Keinard



“A true giver”

“Paul is a great listener, conversationalist and strategic thinker. Highly recommend for the entrepreneur wanting to break through to the next level..a true giver. Thank you Paul!”

Chris Caputo, Houston, TX, USA



“Optimal beingness”

“Paul was able to help me find a practical answer to the question ‘How do I get to and stay in the state of optimal beingness where body, thoughts and emotions are pleasurably, naturally and effortlessly bound together, ready to move towards the same direction?'”

Dr. Thierry Tsafack, Researcher, Houston, TX, USA



“Break self-imposed barriers”

“He has the uncanny ability to nurture a conversation with you so that you feel comfortable extracting the truth about your life, your relationships, and your beliefs. His intuitive listening skills allow him to ask you the tough, but necessary questions so that you gain true insights that break self-imposed barriers that hold you back personally and professionally.”

Roger Kemper, Houston, TX, USA



“See for yourself”

“Paul helped me through the worst time of my life. I have no hesitation recommending him to anyone – speak with him and see for yourself.”

Kellie Hazard, Toowoomba, Australia