Coaching Process EntrepreneursMy process is simple and straight forward.

First we will identify your limiting beliefs – what I call the “gunk” stuck in your filter between your thoughts and the outside world.  Some powerful thought processes are lurking here that were heavily influenced by your culture and upbringing.

Second, we bring the beliefs out into the open and eliminate them.  Your limiting beliefs will either be completely gone or significantly reduced to a point that they do not affect you in any meaningful way.

Third is a process of detachment where you’re able to step back from the jerk narrating the play-by-play in your head, and learn to simply observe what’s going on.  This detachment can be extremely liberating and is a big part of dropping the sandbags.

Fourth is working with the habits and processes that work best for you with an understanding of your own wiring.  How to re-frame situations and lighten your own load with your own resources.

Once you reach this point, you will have some real clarity and we will work together to create your plan going forward.  Something that really taps into your inspiration.

With these sandbags cut, you will then have the tools to face any future setbacks or obstacles, as we will have put together a game plan of how to keep these changes conscious and make things stick.  Any prior lack of confidence, autonomy or clarity will fade away.  As hokey as it may sound, the sky really is the limit once you cut yourself free.

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