What Richard Sherman and Jin from ‘Lost’ have in Common

The Richard Sherman interview this past weekend has sparked a lot of controversy.  Okay, maybe not controversy, but a whole lot of judgment.  “He has no class.”  “He’s a thug.”

That might be true.  But the coach in me (trained to “suspend judgment”) had me doing a little research, and I was reminded of the first season of Lost.  I admit I’m not much of a TV watcher, but every now and again, a series hooks me and even though Lost had me hooked through half of season 2 and I stopped watching it, the first several episodes really stuck with me.

Jin LostThe thing that stood out the most for me about the first season of Lost was how it manipulated the viewer into judging the characters. New characters were presented in a way that had us labeling them as good or bad…until we got to know the back story of where they came from.

Jin, for example, looked like an abusive jerk in the first episodes, and perhaps some also judged him as coming from a different culture and not speaking the language. You later find out how much shame he carried from how poor he grew up. How he fell in love with a woman who’s corrupt father manipulated him into doing terrible things that went against his values. The viewer learns to have empathy for him wanting a better life, and sees him as being trapped in an impossible situation. He becomes a good guy.

The reason I loved this type of thing so much as a coach is that it pointed out how quickly we judge others when we only see a small piece of the big picture. I know I’ve done it. And I know you’re nodding your head (and if you’re not, you really should think a little harder).

With this perspective of judgment, I’d like you to watch this video of Richard Sherman, and let me know if it changes your perspective of who you think he is:


I don’t see the same Richard Sherman from yesterday’s interview.  Do you?

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