Time Travel is Exhausting

“I never think of the future-it comes soon enough.”                           —  Albert Einstein

business coach houstonThere are two types of time travel that we do every day.

When we react strongly to an argument or what someone said or did (or didn’t do), we are usually bringing baggage from our past into the present moment.  The words that were used were perhaps the same critical words we heard from a parent or other kids on the playground growing up.  Or perhaps we perceived that that’s what they meant.  Of course, we can’t know for sure.

And if you can’t know, then there’s no need to react.

The question goes like this:  “Am I reacting to what they said, or am I reacting to what I thought they meant?”  See the difference?  How often has someone been offended by something that they thought you meant, but you did not intend?  Chances are, they’re bringing their past into the present.  And it’s exhausting.  It’s a huge amount of emotional energy.

The other type of time travel is into the future.  Anxiety.  Worry.  Anxiety is simply an emotional reaction to various scenarios that haven’t happened (and probably never will).  Is that type emotional energy wisely invested?  Doesn’t sound like it.

The funny thing is, if you actually go there, if you really put yourself in the worst case scenario and ask yourself what you’d do, you can deal with it.  You’ve dealt with difficult things before and you’re still alive.

In the past there are only lessons.  The future is only a directional tool.

Stay present.  Breathe.

About Paul Paul Strobl, MBA, CPC

Paul Strobl is a Personal Coach for CEOs and Business Owners focused on running successful businesses in line with their personal values while nurturing personal and professional relationships. He has extensive cross-cultural experience as a location-independent entrepreneur for the past decade and has traveled, lived in or run a business in over 30 countries. Originally from Houston, Texas, he is currently based in Bulgaria with his wife, stepson and a rescue dog from Argentina.